TCS World Travel

TCS World Travel is an elite travel service that provides one-of-a-kind trips to parts of the world that are uncharted by the average person. They tasked us with creating a brand awareness campaign that shows off their ability to deliver trips – and experiences – you’ll remember for a lifetime. I came up with the conceptual directions and wrote all the words for both.

Direction 1: The Stories They’ll Tell

This direction focused on the incredible stories people bring back after their trips. Minimal imagery, text-heavy visuals allowed us to really focus in on the amazing experiences TCS World Travel offers.

Direction 2: Upgrade Your Experience

Sure, TCS World Travel is a travel company by name. But what differs is the fact that they offer an unparalleled experience when it comes to their trips. We took phrases consumers would find in any all-inclusive resort or five-star hotel and showed how TCS World Travel’s version was a complete and total upgrade.

  • They chose this direction to bring to life through social, digital and print.

Direction 3: Stress-Free Travel

When it comes to traveling, people tend to dread the actual travel aspect of it. But with TCS World Travel, the simple act of getting to and from a destination is arguably the most luxurious. So we showed customers that the most arduous parts of general travel are actually one of the best parts of traveling with TCS.

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